Chinese Soldiers Arrive in USA for ‘Disaster Relief Exercises’ During Grid Ex II

By admin November 18, 2013 02:32

Chinese Soldiers Arrive in USA for ‘Disaster Relief Exercises’ During Grid Ex II

Chinese Soldiers Arrive in USA for ‘Disaster Relief Exercises’ During Grid Ex II

Yep, they’ve finally arrived. Chinese troops are on American soil for a joint exercise. Get your cameras out, you may be able to record living history, snapping pictures of Communist soldiers marching across American soil.

The troops landed in Hawaii to conduct ‘disaster relief exercises’ during Grid Ex II.

What you have to ask yourself is why the Chinese?

And why during Grid Ex II?

What kind of disaster relief could involve legions of Communist Chinese troops?

Why would the United States of America allow the country it accused of a major cyberattack on its weapons systems just a few months ago to practice disaster relief on home soil?

Why would the United States of America allow the military from a nation known for its suppression of human rights learn to assist the American people when it tramples over the rights of its own citizens?

From Amnesty International:

Amnesty International has documented widespread human rights violations in China. An estimated 500,000 people are currently enduring punitive detention without charge or trial, and millions are unable to access the legal system to seek redress for their grievances. Harassment, surveillance, house arrest, and imprisonment of human rights defenders are on the rise, and censorship of the Internet and other media has grown. Repression of minority groups, including Tibetans, Uighurs and Mongolians, and of Falun Gong practitioners and Christians who practice their religion outside state-sanctioned churches continues. While the recent reinstatement of Supreme People’s Court review of death penalty cases may result in lower numbers of executions, China remains the leading executioner in the world. (emphasis added)

There is more to this than meets the eye…far more.

This article was originally published by The Daily Sheeple

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By admin November 18, 2013 02:32
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  1. Jared November 18, 05:57

    I wonder if the rest of the worlds internet population goes crazy every time we do a training exercise in their country? Oh wait, they don’t.

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  2. Mark of the Wild West... November 18, 08:33

    It was just last week, the Chinese publicized a plan to nuke the West Coast to poison the rest of the Country with radiation! Now we know for sure what side B.O., aka B.S., is on.

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  3. Dan Rayburn November 18, 10:14

    Not sure what to think other than Big Business and there ties to China has a lot to do with it and the monies that were in debt with them.
    Why was the clip translated? maybe he was saying what they were here doing.

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  4. KaK November 18, 11:47

    They are getting ready to come and take land for their US bond debt when the dollar collaspes

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  5. Warrior54 November 18, 12:46

    Ok, Where is the rest of the article saying they are continuing to arrive here in the States? They should not even be allowed on our soil, but then the borders are being intentionally left wide open. If you think the country will return to the good ole days, well go back to sleep your just not going to be any help when the fight begins!

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  6. Joe Dead Horse November 18, 14:44

    If the chinese REALLY wanted to “aid” in disaster relief, they could have sent their troops to help stop the Fukushima ELE.

    Tepco is supposedly going to try to extract the fuel rods from SFP #4 this week, and it’s pretty much conjectured that this operation will not end well.

    Bye-bye, Japan. And as japanese society completely collapses, so also goes bye-bye their ability to keep all the other japanese reactors and SFPs from also going into meltdowns. The end result… about a 100 or so more meltdowns to add to the “fun” of Fukushima. And the result of that… humans around the planet start dying from radiation. Including operating crews of NPPs in other countries. And so, added into the mix are about 1000 or so more meltdowns of reactors and SFPs. And the obvious end result of that is no one survives anywhere, everyone dies.

    The chinese are just as dumb as any other nation as which to things have the most priority. Since everyone was regarding the Fukushima ELE as “not my problem”, it has become exactly what it is… an extinction level event.

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  7. CHARLES November 18, 15:24

    The writer of this article thought he was exposing something negative about China, but in all actuality China’s name in the article can be replaced with USA and it would read the same. In america MILLIONS are in prison with the VAST MAJORITY being in there on trumped up/illegal/false charges. Many don’t have or can not afford legal representation and therefore have their rights VIOLATED for whatever extend of time they are ILLEGALLY HELD IN JAIL. America is persecuting Christians, represses minority groups, censors both media/internet and print media/information and individuals…HELL america KILLS whoever attempts to expose truth. We are under NO KNOCK WARRANTS/ STOP AND FRISK/TSA GROPING/ WOMEN AND MEN BEING SEXUALLY VIOLATED AFTER CAR STOPS/PHONES TAPED BY NSA/UNDER DRONE WATCH/TRACKED AND LISTENED BY WAY OF OUR CELL PHONES/BANK ACCOUNTS MONITORED OR FROZEN/DETAINED FOREVER WITH NDAA/ ect ect. So before you TRASH China I suggest you look in your OWN BACK YARD.

    BTW. Why offended that China has troops in america, when america has troops/bases/military in nearly every nation on the planet voluntarily or INVOLUNTARILY…..

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    • Emmanuel Truthseeker November 18, 19:12

      Hear, hear. Well spoken, Charles. You do not mince words and said it exactly as it is. America, England, and Israel have been very good at pointing fingers and totally disregarding the logs in their own eyes.

      As for persecuting Christians in the United States. I am beginning to get the idea that they are being persecuted all over the place, not just there. It makes sense. Lucifer doesn’t want people believing in God and the light, life, and way Jesus showed us. He showed us not to be respecters of persons and authorities. Corporations are ‘persons.’ Hence, if Christians are true to the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth and not the teachings of Saul of Tarsus, they would have absolutely no regard for authorities other than God, Our Father in Heaven and have no interest in supporting corporations with any level of respect, but see them for the Satanic manifestations most of them are; most especially the huge multi nationals, especially banks and governments. Jesus said to call no man Master. Lots of Christians today bend over easily and call all kinds of people Master, and I do not think I need to give examples, they are obvious to anyone paying attention. Hence, since so many Christians bow before kings and queens; like the one in the White House today, they can not be followers of my older brother and sovereign, Jesus of Nazareth. He told me not to respect authorities and governments, and persons, a long while ago. It is probably why I am a pariah; one of those Conspiracy Theorists; a fringe element; an Artist and a writer. And you know what those people are like, eh, Joseph Sixpactus?

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    • Evil Winds November 18, 23:17


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  8. Zelda November 18, 15:52

    “…China remains the leading executioner in the world.”

    You think there maybe something in this sentence to give us a clue?!

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    • Emmanuel Truthseeker November 18, 19:23

      The American government seems to be doing a good job executing people. They executed a bunch in Bosnia. U.S.A. corp. did an awesome job shocking and killing several millions of people in Iraq and do a pretty good job spilling blood in Afghanistan. When I look at what happened in Libya, I saw an amazing collection of executions there, as we see in Syria; another Israeli/American corporate execution process, using some sort of sub human species to cut out hearts and eat them for the world to see. I remember people were executed in Granada by AMCOR (sic). China and the USA should each get a Nobel Peace Prize for the countries which bring the most peace to the world by killing the greatest number of people. Less people, more peace. Attila the Hun thought like that and he brought peace to a huge piece of the planet. Yep, pyramids of heads were left wherever he went and they all kept their mouths shut. ‘Ah, peace, at last,’ said Attila, ‘the Scourge of God’, when it was all done and finished. ‘No more idle chatter about conspiracies.’

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  9. Nam Marine November 18, 16:22

    They are not here for Grid EX ! They are here for Martial Law !

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  10. CINDY LOU November 18, 19:01

    Any ATTACK on FUKUSHIMA is a DIRECT ATTACK on America!(weather wars or something else!)
    I believe the fuel rod removal IS MEANT TO FAIL!!
    Just looks at the odds (they even admit it) of numerous DANGER’S and PROBLEMS with this project!
    GAME OVER if it happens–how convenient–they all run UNDERGROUND!!

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  11. Beano November 18, 20:48

    Chinese never send troops. THEY SEND SPIES!!! It is NEVER about disaster relief.

    Whoever is running this country is completely PSYCHO. The liar and sodomite negro, the rambling Nonsense Pelosi, Dying Feinstein (dead ugly butch), Hairy Weed, Joint Kerry, Hillaryous Clinton, Slow Biden (where is he lately?)

    These are a bunch of motley people in a Star Wars bar scene and THEY ARE YOUR LEADERS of all things.

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  12. Bobby November 18, 21:17

    Unbelievable. Our worthless and filthy elite leaders,etc. seem to think this is swell. It’s rather interesting, isn’t it, that since Wall Street Criminals, with the help of the Congress and Senate have shipped all of American’s jobs and factories to China, Chine is no longer referred to as “communist China”. Does anyone remember when China had the revolution that overthrew “communism”. Only the informed and awake will understand,…….peace.

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  13. Kenzob Breaze November 18, 22:58

    The U.S government has been quite friendly with communist nations for a long, long time. We fought for the defense of Communism in WWII and have transported technology to both Russia and China. Let these Communist dregs try to get to brave and we’ll show them what 250 MILLION well armed American patriots can do. They wouldn’t make it through one single state even with the Russian army and any others that might care to join in. I promise you that. DHS “GO TO HELL”!!!I Jimmy Carter even sent the advanced ball bearing technology for their ballistic missiles and Congress approved it. How many of these are now pointed at us???

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  14. telekenisis November 18, 23:06

    Come on stop talking about china’s human rights when America is the biggest human right violator in this world…Just cause you know how to hide it as you control the main stream media doesn’t mean you your human rights is any better!

    Open your eye’s,your government are targeting your own citizens as terrorists.

    America no.1 Hypocrites,liars,genocide,murders,sadistic,racist,rapists etc.And only country in history to use weapons of mass destruction.

    You call yourselves good people? Stop labeling others and have a good look at yourselves in the mirror!

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  15. trimar November 18, 23:55

    You call that group of men a “legion of soldiers”? Looks like about 35 soldiers marching around out there…BFD!

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  16. Mike November 18, 23:57

    Where is our sense gone?

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    • rob November 22, 19:22

      the chinese have been playing wargames in eastern wash woods for years,they ran there tanks and trucks in a big line from a tacoma dock up i5 then over i 90 then into the woods by salmon la sac every year throuought the 80s and 90s

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