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11 Rookie Survival Prepping Mistakes You Must Avoid

We all make mistakes, but in survival, it’s best if you make them BEFORE you’re faced with the disaster or an emergency. It’s easy to figure out why. Even something as “simple” as a handheld HAM radio can be difficult

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How To Make A Foothold Trap From A Sardine Can

Of all the survival skills known to man, my favorite skill is wilderness trapping. Trapping is just like hunting. Unlike firearms and fishing poles, traps work for you 24/7. You do not have to be at the trapping location for

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5 Wild Edibles You Can Find Almost Anywhere

Sometimes you just don’t know where you next meal is coming from and all you can do is wander through the world hoping to stumble across something to put in your belly. Whether you’re out in the woods, wandering through

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6 Survival Uses For Cattails

Cattails can be found virtually anywhere in the wilderness where there is a water source. They can be found growing along streams, rivers, lakes and ponds. The plant is not only edible it has other uses such as cordage, bedding,

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Wild Edibles: How to Eat Common Milkweed

Did you know you can eat common milkweed? Well you can. And although it’s been said that to render this plant palatable and that it required multiple (three or more) boilings in order to remove the toxins and “bitter” taste,

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