Bushcraft 101 Review

Blake Alma
By Blake Alma December 29, 2016 21:49

Bushcraft 101 Review

As an outdoorsman and survivalist, I am always trying to find new books and articles regarding wilderness survival. I have read dozens of books about the art of wilderness survival. Of all of the books I have read about survival, I have found none greater than Bushcraft 101 by my friend, by Dave Canterbury. Bushcraft 101 is a New York Times Best Selling book. The book is published by Adam’s Media. It is 256 pages long and is 10 chapters.

Dave Canterbury, the author, has over 20 years of experience in the great outdoors. He runs a survival school that has been named by USA Today as one of the best survival schools in America. He also runs a Youtube channel with over 400,000 subscribers. Henceforth, this book is written in true experience and amazing detail. The book is a very easy read and includes illustrations to help you understand.

Bushcraft 101 is an excellent read for any outdoorsman or outdoorswoman. Bushcraft is the art of crafting items from the bush (the woods). It also a term that people use to describe the practice of surviving. The book’s subtitle is “A Field Guide to the Art of Wilderness Survival.” The book is primarily focused on the art of wilderness survival.

His book is divided into two segments, part 1 and part 2. Part 1 is titled “Gearing Up.” Part 2 is titled “In the Bush.” Both parts are filled with chapters that cover great survival subjects.

In the beginning of this great book, the author talks about having a good quality backpack/bug-out-bag while hiking or enjoy the outdoors. He also introduces the 5 C’s of Survivability, which are:
1. Cutting Tools
2. Cover Elements
3. Combustion Devices
4. Containers
5. Cordages

The author also tells you about the tools that you need in a survival situation. Some of the tools he talks about are knives, saws, and axes. He even shows you how to use the tools in a survival situation. Dave does briefly talks about safety tips and the proper ways to use the tools.

As you move onto the middle of this book, the fun begins. He begins telling you about cordages and knots. From tying a strong knot, to making cordage from natural items; this book has you covered. Dave even talks about cooking tools and containers. He also gives tips and tricks to cook food out in the wild.

He later brings up more important survival skills, such as, coverage (Shelter and Warmth). He talks about tarp, tents, canvas, thermal blankets, hammocks, sleeping bags, and natural shelters.

He moves on and begins to talk about one of my favorite survival skills. Fire! He introduces his favorite lighter and favorite fire starter. He shows you how to successfully start a fire using; a lighter, a ferrocerium rod, magnification lens, or even with just sticks.

Toward the end of this book, Dave, introduces the four W’s of survival. They are:
1. Wood
2. Water
3. Wind
4. Widowmakers
He gives detail about all four W’s, unlike most survival books. The book gets into showing you how to navigate. From using a compass, to using map, Dave shows us how to navigate using what we have.

In the very last chapter of the book, he introduces trapping and animal processing. He talks about trapping gear and baits. He also talks about modern and primitive traps which include; deadfall traps, foothold traps, bird traps, and water traps.

With no hesitation, this book is my favorite book that talks about survival. This book has given me a better understanding to survival. You may need to use these survival skills that Dave teaches. If you enjoy the outdoors, this is a must read. I’d give this book a 4.9 of 5 stars. I would recommend this book to every outdoorsman and survivalist. The book is available at most bookstores and on amazon.com.

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Blake Alma
By Blake Alma December 29, 2016 21:49
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  1. Bill Bouley December 29, 22:15

    What is your thoughts on the book John Lofty’s SAS survival guide?
    I bought that one in recent months and I find it covers a lot of areas in the field.
    I was also looking at the Bushcraft 101

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    • Blake Alma Author December 30, 00:01

      Good question! I have read John Lofty Wiseman’s book and I found it to be good. However, compared to Bushcraft 101, it doesn’t compare in my opinion. John seems to cover urban survival and Dave seems to cover wilderness survival. As an avid outdoorsman, I practice wilderness survival more…

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