Booby-traps can help you Survive and “WIN”

Richard Maida
By Richard Maida February 17, 2017 17:06

Booby-traps can help you Survive and “WIN”

A Level III / Apocalypse has come and you need to get your goodies out on your perimeter and around your safe haven to surprise the slime balls, looters and other creatures who want your supplies over your dead body.

Keep in mind the word WIN

W – Warn.  Set up various devices for producing noise and light to give you advance warning to “man your battle stations”.  They will also let the bad guys know that you are prepared and make them wonder what other fun toys await them if they get closer. Most looters are jackals and look only for weak and soft targets. This may deter a number of them, but NOT all of them.

I –   Injure   Injuries from these toys can be very shocking to an individual or a group. A blast of a shotgun mine to the chest may not kill directly, but it will be very painful and messy. A steel punji “stick” through a foot will send fear through the average group of looters. If coated correctly, these items may kill them later. The group either has to abandon the wounded member, (very bad for moral), push on ahead (fearing what may come next), or retreat, burdened with their wounded “comrade”.

N – Neutralize   Devices such as these help to neutralize their attack by injuring or killing attackers, deterring them from further approach, or channeling them into your firing lanes for long range removal. AR-15 type weapons are powerful and useful, but if you can drop them at 400 yards with your 30-06, they aren’t exactly going to be able to return fire effectively, especially when most of the looters know only how to spray a lot of lead around close up rather than precise long range fire suppression and support.

Don’t fall into a sense of false security and rely totally on your devices. No “fortification” of an area will keep it from being overrun by determined, well trained and equipped forces. But for the low life trash, these surprises may send them limping away to find easier targets.

Remember, these ideas are ONLY to be used in a total breakdown of law and order in a Level III/Apocalypse when you and your area is generally on its own. But the items used are normal, everyday, legal to own and have and easy to convert over to help in your defense against the jackals.

One of the best examples of this is the humble tin can. They may be available in all sizes and shapes since there will be no garbage or recyclable collection. You can put your imagination to work using them to help defend your area.


You can cut a can with tin snips, bend it flat, and use an old “church key” ( a triangular can opener) or other openers to bent up a set of triangular points suitable for nailing to a piece of wood and placing in any possible grassy or dirt avenue of approach. A variation on this is to have a tangle foot wire trip them so they fall on two or three of these, then they will get your point.  LOL

You can hang a can from a wire with stones in it on fencing or barricade to act as an early warning device.  (Wait for it…wait for it…) Yes, I know, they will pour sand or loose dirt into it and it will be silenced……..and turn heavy….and drop down……and pull the wire……and then SURPRISE!!!!  It could be a trip flare, noisemaker, or a waist high shotgun mine.

A little more complex is the “nester “. This is two tin cans one slightly larger than the other. The larger has a nail with a rounded end driven up from through the bottom, the smaller has a shotgun shell sticking up through a hole in its bottom and a plastic lid on top to protect it from the weather. You can tape a couple of those elastic plastic “bonnets “ for keeping food fresh on if you don’t have a lid to fit. Prepare the proper sized hole in the ground. Put in the larger can. Carefully lower the smaller can until the primer of the shotgun shell rests on the rounded tip of the nail which should have the smaller can sticking up out of the larger by an inch or so. VERY carefully camouflage the entire set up. The rest is simple. They step on the can, pushing the shell down on the nail and SURPRISE!!  These are also referred to as “Nut busters” for obvious reasons.

Remember, the goal is to WIN.

  1. WARN you they are coming and from where.
  2. INJURE, if not kill them.
  3. NEUTRALIZE their attack by taking away the element of surprise, reducing their numbers, disrupting their plans, inducing fear and letting you take them out with long range rifle fire.

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Richard Maida
By Richard Maida February 17, 2017 17:06
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  1. Robert B February 22, 08:10

    Really great article with great ideas, especially if you are facing a force with greater numbers.. Just takes a little imagination to set up warning systems and /or booby traps.

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