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Living Off Grid: How To Save Cash On Solar Energy

Living off grid is not a dream anymore, it’s a reality for thousands of Americans. One major concern with transitioning to off grid living is your energy source. Do you really want to have power lines or a generator as

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Never Visit The Pharmacy Again, Grow Your Own Medicinal Garden

Got an ache or pain? Why head down to the closest pharmacy when you can grow your own medicine straight from the source? Imagine growing your own medicinal garden free of additives, preservatives, ingredients you can’t pronounce and harmful chemicals.

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Why Off Grid Living Fails In The First 30 Days

Have you always dreamed of escaping city life to live off the grid independent and free? You know, being self-reliant, building fires or cozying up in your self made cabin? how about a connoisseur of survivalist shows that gives you the feeling of,

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15 Fruits and Vegetables You Can Grow With Table Scraps

Canned food, packaged, sprayed and genetically modified are all things you readily find at the grocery store. But what if I told you that you could start your own garden with produce you discard? To be a prepper or survivalist

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Never Buy Eggs Again: Build a Chicken Coop

Substitute eggs, pre-whipped and “egg whites only” are everything except straight from the farm poultry eggs. Do you want to cut out the middle man between you and your breakfast? Did you know there are actual health benefits to organic,

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