Aftermath: After The Dust Settles Part 1

You and some others around you have survived the initial impact of a Level III type event such as a Solar Flare/EMP, government collapse, etc. and have made it through the first three to four weeks. Besides the usual steps to be taken to set up your water gathering, food growing, power generating and security plans, there are the others you may not have put on your list.

In an old cheap 50’s sci-fi movie, three people survive a short term depletion of the oxygen in the air because they were scuba diving. After an hour or so the oxygen stabilizes back to normal. (Yes, I know, stupid premise.)  When they get to a small town on the Caribbean island they were diving off of, everyone is dead. Then one of the characters points out something overlooked or not mentioned in a number of better made movies, namely they need to get away from towns and cities as fast as they can, because in a few days the dead bodies are going to start to decompose and it will not be healthy to be there.

The point here is, if you are going to remain in any type of populated area, after three weeks you have good odds of having a number of bodies to dispose of. Besides any deaths from the actual event, there will be die offs from violence, lack of medicines, thirst and starvation.

This is going to affect you and the others emotionally and give you a rather large problem. The bodies have to be disposed of, but there are moral and religious concerns, along with the logistics of how to handle them safely.

Given a small town with 1K of population, even a 10% die off is going to be a challenge to deal with, and that’s if everyone else is actually working together. This is why planning for the “day after” a Level III event means more than putting on the camo and shooting up looters with your AK.

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