7 Must Have Items For Your Bug Out Bag

7 must have items for your bug out bag

Congratulations on making a conscious decision to start prepping. Now to the first order of business…

Your Bug Out Bag, A bug out bag is one of the first things you should be focusing on — and for good reason. The bug out bag (a.k.a bugout bag, BOB, get out of dodge bag, ready bag, 72-hour bag) is your go-to item in the event of an emergency evacuation or SHTF situation of any kind. The general rule of thumb is to have no less than 3 days worth of supplies packed away in your bugout bag and it always, always, always should be easily accessible to you at ALL times.

While there are many things you’ll want to keep in your BOB, there are many hard core preppers who will tell you must have these 7 items no matter what.

Read this extremely informative article to find out…

7 Must Have Items For Your Bug Out Bag

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