5 Tips for Female Survivalist

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By Guest Contributor February 19, 2017 12:00

5 Tips for Female Survivalist

What would you do if your car died out in the middle of nowhere, or if you were out hiking and got lost in the woods? Almost every survival article out there is geared towards men. What about women, where do we fit into that? Women need to survive too. Here are five tips for the new female survivalist:

  • Keep a small survival kit with you at all times. A survival kit can be something small and simple, but indispensable in a life and death situation. These kits can be so small you can fit them in a pocket or a small purse. Take an old Altoids container (or something similar), keep several Band-Aids, a small knife, 15 feet of paracord, a small lighter, a small compass, a keychain flashlight, several hundred milligrams of Motrin, and, water purifying tablets. You could also place a survival card (11 in 1 tool) in your Altoids container. You actually can get the survival card for FREE at Survival Life. This small survival kit packs a punch and could one day save your life!
  • Always tell someone of your plans. No matter where you go, make sure someone is aware of your plans. Should something happen, that person will be able to alert authorities to your approximate location. In an emergency situation, where time is of the essence, this will save you.
  • Be sure to keep a cell phone with you. Ladies, a cell phone is a necessity in modern times. No matter what you’re doing, whether it’s driving into town or hiking through the mountains, you should always keep a phone with you. Cell phones can be used to track your location by authorities. If you happen to get lost on that hike, local E.M.S. personnel can use your cell phones G.P.S. to find you quickly.
  • Keep your head. Now is the time to stay calm and positive. Panic and anxiety will kill you in any survival situation. If you find yourself in a survival situation remember these three words: Stop, Look, Listen. Stop, don’t move. Look, become aware of your surroundings – you may remember there is a nearby highway, a trail, or any way out of that situation. Listen – listen for cars, people, any sign of rescue. Staying calm and level headed, you may be able to get out of the survival situation before it even starts.
  • Leave sign behind. When you’re lost, staying in one place is good, provided someone will come looking for you. However, if you need to move you’ll need to remember this tip. As you’re walking through the woods make the world know you were there. Break branches, overturn small logs, even hug trees. All of these will let people who come looking for you know you were there. Breaking branches and moving small logs will provide visual signs. Hugging trees will leave your scent behind for tracking dogs that may be brought along to help find you.

Being put into a survival situation can be a scary situation, for even the most hardened of survivalists. If you remember to keep calm, carry your survival kit and your cell phone, make someone aware of your plans and leave plenty of obvious sign behind you will survive. Remember these tips and always be prepared, it will save your life!

Kat Haas of Kat Haas Outdoors currently resides in Queen Anne’s County, Maryland. Her passion is inspiring women and people new to the outdoor lifestyle. Check them out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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Guest Contributor
By Guest Contributor February 19, 2017 12:00
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