5 things to Keep in Your Emergency Car Kit

5 things to Keep in Your Emergency Car Kit

Although most people would like to believe that it would never happen to them, a car could break down or get stuck when they least expect it. The most common situation that would cause you to become stranded is bad weather, but anything could happen. Although the risk of getting stuck in your car might be small, planning ahead can make the difference between life and death. If you want to avoid trouble, always keep an emergency kit in your car as an added layer of protection. Different experts will recommend various items to keep in your kit, and the following tips will point you in the right direction.

Roadside Tools

You are driving along the freeway and listening to your favorite music when it happens. All of the sudden, your engine starts making an odd noise before shutting off, forcing you to the side of the road. If you are lucky, you might be able to get help within the hour, but some people end up on the side of the road for much longer. Having a few roadside tools can make it easy for you to manage your situation until help arrives. You will want to have a pair of jumper cables in case your battery dies, but road flares will keep you safe if you need to change a tire. Also, keep a flashlight on hand in case you run into a bad situation during the night, and some stores sell flashlights that don’t need batteries to function.

Cellphone Charger

When a disaster shows up without warning, your cell phone could be your only way to call for help, but if the battery dies, you will be out of options. Some people keep an extra phone charger in their car to prevent that problem, and you can do the same. Plug your phone into the charger to ensure that it has the right connectors before you add it to your list. If you want to take this step to the next level, you can search online for solar chargers that will give your phone an endless source of power.

Emergency Food

Getting stranded is scary and can cause anyone to feel stressed out and overwhelmed, but most drivers get help shortly after they notice the problem. Not everyone, though, gets the assistance that they need right away, and inclement weather and other emergency situations can prevent rescue personnel from reaching you. When you don’t know how long it will take for help to arrive, it’s important to have food. Canned food and energy bars are the best option because they won’t spoil, but you will also need to have a can opener in your vehicle. If you smoke, consider keeping e-liquid in your car or truck to calm your nerves during stressful moments.

Blankets and Warm Clothes

If you live in or plan to travel to a cold environment, breaking down could cause you to become hypothermic. After your engine shuts off and the heater stops working, you won’t have much time until the heat escapes and is replaced by cold air. Having a few blankets and an extra pair of warm clothes in your trunk can work wonders for your safety and comfort during an emergency. Rather than picking just any blanket, choose one that is thick so that it will retain heat properly.

Sand and Shovel

Getting your vehicle stuck in the snow or mud is a difficult problem to overcome, but keeping the right items within reach is a big help. You can pour sand under your tires for improved traction, getting you out of a tight spot. Try placing the sand under each of your wheels for the best results, but doing so won’t always be enough to free your car or truck. If you are stuck in a large pile of snow, use the shovel to dig yourself out.

Final Thoughts

Taking the right steps in advance can make a difference when you find yourself in an emergency situation. The items in this list will help anyone who breaks down or gets stranded, but you might want to add additional tools to your kit depending on your needs. When danger can strike at any time, having the right kit on hand will give you peace of mind.

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