5 Herbs That Repel Flies

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5 Herbs That Repel Flies

herbs that repel flies

With warm weather in the air, we are all looking forward to grilling out, swimming pools, sun bathing, and just generally spending time outdoors. We’ve waited all winter for spring to get here. But those first few really warm days always greet us with an unpleasant, little problem.

Bugs! The warm weather brings out the bathing suits and suntan lotion, but it also brings out the pests! Mosquitos, ants, yellow jackets, and the grossest of all: flies! Flies are everywhere in the summer. Nothing ruins a good picnic quicker than flies covering the hotdogs! Most people will turn to harsh, chemical solutions this summer to try and solve this most annoying problem.

But what if you have kids around, or pets? Maybe you just don’t want to be surrounded by chemicals all summer. If you are one of the every growing number of people that wish to find a safer, more natural answer, then maybe this article will let you in on a few all natural tricks to repel the flies this summer.

Don’t underestimate the power of these natural alternatives to chemical pest control. Many of these herbal remedies are just as effective, if not more effective, than their chemical rivals on the store shelves. You should, however, use caution if any member of your family has an allergy to any of these herbs or if someone who spends significant time at your home has an allergy to these items. A little commonsense and a little research should have you well on your way to naturally controlling the flies at your home this summer.

Most people don’t realize how many all natural remedies there are for everyday problems, so they just reach for whatever chemical product is being sold. Did you know that there are many herbs that just naturally repel flies?

1. Basil

Anyone that knows anything about herbs knows that basil is great for cooking. It’s easy to grow and smells heavenly! Humans love Basil. But guess who hates, Basil? House flies. House flies are absolutely repelled by Basil. The best way to use this all natural remedy is to plant Basil by you external doorways. If you have a large outdoor picnic area, try using small planters of Basil on your picnic tables. You are serving two purposes at once. While grilling out you can easily access your Basil for cooking, and the flies will stay far away during your lovely, summer meal.

2. Bay Leaves

This is another herb loved by cooks worldwide. Nothing puts the finishing touch on a big pot roast like a few bay leaves thrown in. But once again, as much as we love it, flies hate it. Other insects hate it as well like earwigs and weevils, to name a few. Keep these herbs growing nearby to discourage pesky pests.

3. Lavender

Lavender is the ultimate herb for relaxation. The calming, soothing smell can really make a bubble bath a true spa experience. People have been using lavender for centuries to make their homes and clothing smell sweet. It is also used in quite a bit of cooking as well. Flies aren’t impressed with lavender, though. Hang some dried lavender decoratively around your home to keep away those buzzing buggers!

4. Tansy

Tansy is not as well-known as some of the other herbs we’ve listed here. Tansy was used in ancient times as a strewing herb because it was believed to have cleansing properties. Tansy is a nice foundation plant for household landscaping as it looks very similar to marigolds. Tansy has the added benefit that it repels flies, though. Flies are not the only pests that find Tansy repellant. Ants, fleas and moths will also stay clear if this plant is around. An extra bonus is that this plant will even discourage mice from hanging around.

5. Pennyroyal

This may be one of the most versatile of herbs. This member of the mint family repels flies, mosquitoes and fleas. However, when planted on your property, and specifically around the foundation of your home, this interesting herb can help ward off mice and ants as well! Instead of killing two birds with one stone you’ll be repelling five pests with one herb! You should use caution if you choose to plant this herb around your home, however. Pennyroyal can be dangerous for children and pets in large amounts if it is consumed. Please keep this in mind when using pennyroyal.

Clean and Green

When you choose a more natural path in your home, you can have more peace of mind that your family will be safe from harmful chemicals and strange side effects. People don’t realize that there is almost always a natural alternative to chemical solutions when it comes to pest control, cleaning supplies, and many other household items. A little research and attention can go a long way to preserving your families’ health this summer.

This article was originally published at NatureHacks.com

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By admin July 2, 2013 17:16
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