5 Essentials To Bring With You On A Rainy Camping Trip

Lee Flynn
By Lee Flynn May 28, 2016 12:30

5 Essentials To Bring With You On A Rainy Camping Trip

Those who enjoy a bit of adventure and want to explore the great outdoors can enjoy camping in the rain. Spending time in a secluded environment and enjoying the tranquility of nature can prove to make for a memorable experience. When clouds and showers are expected during your trip, there are a few important items to pack to prepare for the weather and stay dry.

Trash Bags

Trash compactor bags can be used to hold different types of gear that you pack to prevent your equipment from becoming soaked in storms. The bags are more durable than garbage bags and are inexpensive enough to toss after you return home from camping. You can also place the bag inside of a backpack to seal the inside of the lining. The bags are also lightweight, which will avoid adding extra weight to your bags and can serve a number of different purposes. The bags can also be used to keep firewood dry during the trip.

Plastic Food Containers

The food that you pack and cook during your camping trip will help you to stay energized and healthy as you spend time outdoors in the rain. To ensure that the food stays dry and doesn’t become wet from the rain or moisture in the air, you’ll need to pack food storage sets that are perfect for leftovers or certain ingredients that you plan to cook with. This will preserve your food for a longer period of time and will ensure that you can ration out enough each day to ensure that it lasts for the remainder of your trip.

Duct Tape

One of the most common challenges of camping in the rain is starting a fire in a wet environment. Duct tape can be used as kindling when it’s torn into pieces. You can also consider soaking cotton balls in petroleum jelly to start the fire, which is easy to ignite in the rain. You’ll enjoy an easy process of starting a fire when you want to keep warm or cook a meal at the end of the day.

Fleece Clothing

Fleece clothing is essential to use during a camping trip for its lightweight material and ability to resist moisture that other materials absorb. The material offers a high level of insulation and makes it easy to stay warm in cold weather conditions. Pack a fleece fabric jacket and wear it to repel the rain and stay dry when you’re hiking or are trekking through the woods. This can protect your health and offer a higher level of comfort compared to cotton clothing items that absorb more water and add extra weight as you travel outdoors.

Waterproof Tent or a Tarp

A waterproof tent or a tarp is essential to staying warm while camping in wet conditions. You can pack at least two tarps and stakes to ensure that you can enjoy dry shelter at night. One of the tarps can be used underneath the tent to prevent sitting or lying on the wet ground. A tarp can also be used outside to provide shelter when you’re attempting to start a fire and cook each day.

Although it may be more challenging to camp in wet and rainy conditions, you can still enjoy the trip by having the right equipment on hand to stay dry. Packing the right tools or materials will allow you to remain comfortable and can make it easier to follow your original itinerary with camping.


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Lee Flynn
By Lee Flynn May 28, 2016 12:30
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  1. Jacob @ Preppers With a Plan June 5, 04:40

    As a relatively new camper I cannot agree with your suggestions enough. Not being prepared during a rainy night in a tent is no fun for you or the family. But it is a good object lesson for teaching the kids about the importance of being prepared.

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