3 Winter Emergency Essentials For Your Home

3 Winter Emergency Essentials For Your Home

Unless you prepare for common winter emergencies like power outages, heating system breakdowns, and structural damage, you might suddenly find yourself one day facing a cold and miserable experience. The following three essentials can make life a lot better during a winter emergency.

Home Power Generator

In the event that you lose power, a home power backup generator can mean the difference between staying at home or having to pay out a lot of money for a hotel room. Most home power generators run off of fossil fuels like oil and gasoline. Pick an eco-friendly one that efficiently uses fuel and filters fumes to prevent air pollution. You can also find hybrid generators that work with a combination of fossil fuels and alternative power sources like wind and solar and “whole home battery” backup systems.

Survival Supplies Kit

It may seem like common sense to have a survival kit in your home, but many homeowners and renters do not prepare this essential emergency tool. Set up the kit in a large storage area and devote it to general and winter medical supplies, including cold weather thermal blankets and heat packs, and non-perishable beverages and food that you can eat without heat or cook with a small propane, fire or battery-powered heat source. The kit should also include emergency plans for major events that can happen during winter, such as outages, pipe freezing, flooding, window breakage, and roof collapse. Given that people often struggle to remember their plans during an emergency, the written plans should outline every step that you need to take during one of these emergency events.

Preseason Heating Inspection

Lastly, one of the best ways to prepare for a winter emergency is by guaranteeing that the heating system that you rely on to keep you and your loved ones warm and toasty is actually ready for winter. This essential preparation involves hiring a professional technician, like the ones at Winters Heating Cooling, to inspect and clean your furnace or heating, ventilation, and air conditioning unit and make any repairs as needed. The inspection also helps you to establish a good relationship with a local technician so that if your heating system shuts down that technician is more likely to drop everything to come to your aid and give you a discount for being a loyal customer.

by Emma Sturgis
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