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7 Ways To Stay Clean Without Running Water

With all the conveniences around us, we rarely wish to learn how to stay hygienic without running water. However, the trick might be useful when you want to learn survival philosophy and emulate things that a prepper does. The typical

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What Will You Do When The Toilet Paper Runs Out?

Toilet paper is used to clean (wipe) with after using the toilet but it is also protection for the hand to prevent contamination during the cleaning process. It is absorbent, flushable and soft to the touch. In certain situations, being

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Make Your Own Primitive Soap From Scratch

One of the biggest things over looked by both naturist, survivalist, and preparers alike is hygiene. Hygiene is one of the most important factors of human life. In some areas of the world, good hygiene can be the difference between

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Survival Hygiene From Someone Who Lived Through A Real SHTF Situation

When it comes to survival hygiene, are you really prepared for a SHTF situation? Maybe you think you are, but after reading this post from someone who’s lived and made it through a TRUE SHTF survival situation, you may find

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