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D.A.R.E. to Survive

You took your time and carefully squeezed out your prepping supplies and gear from your budget. You put together your plans based on the knowledge of your local threats and conditions but with an eye towards the possible major “Level

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Why Should Families be Prepping Together?

My wife, Mama Donna, doesn’t really think of herself as a Prepper, but she possesses a lot of the basic ideas and skills. She can crochet outfits and sweaters, cook up a storm and can scratch bake like you wouldn’t

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Breaking 8 Food Storage Myths

Food storage is one of the most important process for homesteaders, off-gridders or anyone preparing for a TEOTWAWKI situation. That said, it is common that preppers wrongly store food and water by either storing it in the wrong way or

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40 Uses Of Baking Soda

Here’s a great article on 40 different ways you can use baking soda (bicarbonate of soda). Read the article and make sure you stock plenty of this in your preparedness pantry. It will come in handy in more ways than

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