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5 Uncommon Skills That Will Be Useful After the SHTF

I believe that community will be important in a post-SHTF society. It is also my belief that each member of a community will need to contribute in one way or another to the group as a whole.  It is easy

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Have You Come To Terms With Government Control Yet?

Whether you choose to accept it or not. It’s a FACT. The government, whether it be in the good old US of A or anywhere else, it trying to control every aspect of your life. And with each passing “incident”

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5 Things You May Not Have Thought of When Planning for an Emergency

Ok, so you’ve been gearing up for a SHTF event and have your emergency plan in place. All your items are stocked. You feel like you’re ready for anything. But are you sure? This article by Gaye Levy of

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