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Prepping & Storing Food For SHTF

The Seven Sisters of Urban Survival (Part II) Again we start with the basic rule of 2 adults for 72 hours. This is because FEMA, the Red Cross and most other emergency responders basically tell you that it the first

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What does enough water for 72 hours look like?

The Seven Sisters of Urban Survival (Part 1) Water What does enough water for 72 hours look like? For 2 adults, at the maximum standard of 1 gallon per day, per person, for all purposes, it’s 12 – 2 Lt.

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Surviving Lighting Bolts, Train Wrecks, and Disasters

Even an average person with no interest in survival or prepping could probably list for you at least five different types of disasters, mostly natural ones. Yet, when you sit down to plan for emergency events and how to prepare

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Radiation by the Numbers 3 & 7

Radiation was a big buzz word back in the 50’s because every cheap Sci-fi movie had it being the cause of every type of mutant creature from giant ants on up. It then got batted around a little more seriously in

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A Basic Threat List to Start You on Your Survival Planning

Official type emergency handbooks and such from FEMA, the Red Cross, and other such sources use general guidelines for most situations. They also concentrate the most on natural disasters and stick to the common basics. You, however, should take a look

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Surviving with Guns…It’s Tricky

As a former US Army small arms armorer and a life-long shooter, I find “tricked out” firearms very interesting. Not only do all the various forms of AR-15’s catch my eye, but also ones for shotguns, SKS’s and others all

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